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Gold Prism Earrings 'Orígenes'

128 EUR

This collection is rediscovering the origins by giving the prime role to the hand-forged gold in 'half-row' shapes and textures.

The dimensions of the prisms are approximately 5 x 5 x 3 mm.

* This item is made to order. Please allow for a 1-2 week wait time before shipment. When purchasing, please, write us note with your required size.

Due to the main design characteristic and handmade production process, each piece varies slightly in its shape. Should you have any questions or suggestions, or you wish to have your piece personalized, feel free to contact me at mail@moikoo.com.


Zlaté náušnice hranoly “Orígenes“

Kolekcia šperkov Orígenes je návratom k základom a jednoduchosti. Jej stredobodom je samotný kov v polosurových tvaroch a textúrach, vyvážený subtílnym vzhľadom. Spôsob výroby - tradičné ručné spracovanie recyklovaného zlata - je súčasťou tohto konceptu.

Zlaté hranoly majú rozmery približne 5x5x3 mm.

* Do poznámky, prosím, napíšte veľkosť, ktorú potrebujete. Náušnice sú vyrábané na objednávku. Na ich prípravu pred odoslaním zvyčajne potrebujeme 1-2 týždne. Vzhľadom na ich hlavnú charakteristiku a ručné spracovanie sa tvar jednotlivých kusov navzájom jemne odlišuje. Ak máte akékoľvek otázky alebo návrhy, alebo chcete svoj šperk upraviť podľa svojich predstáv, prosím kontaktujte ma na mail@moikoo.com.

moikoo is a concept of jewellery in which the time stops in favor of a meaning.

Pieces from moikoo respect the nature of material giving importance to the story that is behind each jewel through a work done with passion and care, with the time necessary so that the quality and the creative process take center stage.

All jewellery is made locally, in my small studio in Bratislava, using traditional handcraft techniques or with the help of small local providers. I also work with certified, fully recycled gold and silver, which means that existing gold or silver (from sectors like jewellery, medical or electronic industries) in form of scrap has been recycled back via a traceable process into fine gold or silver which is subsequently used to prepare different gold and silver alloys. Through this way, the origin of metal guarantees there have been no human or environmental problems that can be sometimes be associated with its extraction.